Disney’s Hollywood Studios Helicopter Photo Update

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the Disney park with the least amount of rides. The park is slated to undergo a major expansion and renovation. Disney recently announced that a Toy Story land and a Star Wars land will be coming to the theme park. Join us as we take flight and go above Hollywood Studios to take a look at the current happenings going on at the theme park.

Lets start off with this shot from the GoPro which was mounted on my head, from this angle you can see the whole park!

We then lapped around and came over the park near Fantasmic!

Here’s a unique overhead view of Fantasmic!

This is a unique backstage view of the Tower Of Terror

Moving on to the Backlot area, the big empty lot in the middle is the Lights! Motors! Action! Practice area. This area pictured below is where Toy Story Land will be built. The area to the right side of the Earful Tower, where the green cherry pickers are parked (used to put up the Osborne Lights) is where the Studios Backlot Tour trams used to be parked. It appears that all the trams have been removed.

Some classic cars that are seen below the Earful Tower. The yellow and black one looks like a replica of the Rodger Rabbit cab

A close up of the tower-

Another angle of the Backlot area. It appears that theres no visible work that can be seen as they build the third Toy Story Midway Mania track, it is being built in the building on the far right side of this photo.

The Special Effects Water Tank from the Backlot Tour looks un-touched.

The water tank was the pre-show guests saw before boarding the trams.

Lets take a closer look-

It’s important to note that it looks as if the scenic shop has packed up shop and left Hollywood Studios. Every other time that I have seen the scenic shop there have been many props, sets, trucks and lots of randomness outside of it. It looks fairly empty. Maybe they’re finally packing up to let the demolition crews come in for Toy Story?

Catastrophe Canyon from the Backlot Tour looks pretty abandoned to me-

The main entrance sign from the former Legend Of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction is laying in a field next to the canyon…

Lights! Motors! Action! and the former Backlot Tour can be seen in the picture below

In this photo you can see the Star Tours show building, The Great Movie Ride show building, Muppet Vision 3D and the Streets Of America

Here are some offices and the DHS parade building (long green roofed building with the garage door)

There are no signs of the Block Party Bash parade floats, have they been scrapped? In recent months leading up until Frozen Summer Fun you could see the old parade floats outside. They have either been destroyed or moved into the parade building. The High School Musical parade float is also missing, it used to be stored under the awning which hangs off the side of the building.

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

The Great Movie Ride is stunning.

The hub area of the park, also known as “Center Stage”, notice it is a gigantic hidden Mickey.

If you ever wondered what was on the roof of the Great Movie Ride..

The only visible construction at Hollywood Studios is for the Star Wars Launch Bay:

Sunset Showcase is a new multi-use flex theater opening later this year-

Another angle-

One last look at Hollywood Studios!

If you enjoyed this helicopter photo update feel free to look at our previous one of Disney Springs. Join us tomorrow to take a look at The Magic Kingdom, River Country and Discovery Island.

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I hope Disney and local officials finally find a way to ban these intrusive, noisy, and unwanted over-flights. You people are obnoxious pigs!


Yet here you are looking at these photos? Why bother coming here then? Dickhead!


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Do you have any close-up photos of the streets of America from the helicopter?