Topgolf Orlando Celebrates It’s Grand Opening

Topgolf Orlando opened to the public in spectacular fashion Thursday night. The celebration featured 100’s of guests, massive buffets, a fantastic firework show, and obviously lots of golf! The new facility is located on Universal Blvd near the Orange County Convention Center. It is a family friendly attraction for people of all ages!

The pricing for Topgolf is per bay, not per person. A bay is a table and golfing platform that seats up to 6 people. If you split the cost between the people in your bay, then Topgolf is an inexpensive attraction for some Orlando fun. Below is a photo gallery of one of the bays. They feature a sitting area, golf clubs, golf balls and options for food and drinks.

The screen pictured above is what you play your game on. It reminds me of bowling. You enter the names of the players and then everyone takes their turns to hit the ball, the farther you go the more points you get. This location of Topgolf features some new technology that actually tracks your ball, and shows you a virtually recreated instant replay of your hit.

We tasted their pretzel appetizer. It was very good! A nice fluffy pretzel with lots of meats and cheeses to eat with it!

The attraction features a rooftop bar on the third floor with great views of International Drive. It really is a fantastic place. With the inexpensive price tag, and the very high quality of the attraction, we highly suggest this attraction to anyone in the area. Topgolf is a fantastic place that will be fun for almost anyone, even if they have no golfing experience!


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