REVIEW- Finnegans at Universal Studios Florida

Finnegans is a classic restaurant at Universal Studios Florida that has been there since the early days of the movie studio theme park. It offers some good dining inside of the New York section of Universal, directly across from the Mummy ride. The food isn’t anything spectacular, but it is good and worth going to if you’re looking for a sit down meal in the park. If you’re looking for an amazing 5 star meal we suggest not going to Finn’s. Finnegans serves great Irish pub style food.

One of the highlights of the meal was the bread service when we first sat down. You are served “Irish soda bread”, and it is very tasty! It came with regular butter and apple butter. It is very flavorful and delicious.

We started off with the Irish Chicken Stingers. They’re fried chicken tenders covered in a spicy buffalo sauce. This was nothing special, but it tasted good nonetheless.

We tried the Newcastle Chicken. The dish is grilled chicken and mashed potatoes, covered with peppercorn butter. This was very tasty! We definitely suggest this item.

Up next is the Fish and Chips and the Grand Ol Burger. The Fish and Chips were very good. The burger was just average. The potato wedges that they both came with were also very good, and a nice change of pace from the regular theme park French Fries.

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