RUMOR: New Parade(s) Coming to Universal Studios Florida?

A new holiday parade just premiered, a new Harry Potter night show just premiered, the Cinematic Spectacular show is getting replaced, and a new massive parade building is finishing up construction. It’s a new era for entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort.

Is there a new parade coming to Universal Studios Florida? Cinematic Spectacular and Superstar Parade both opened in 2012, and are both generally considered to be lackluster experiences compared to parades and night shows at other parks. Cinematic Spectacular is finally getting replaced, is Superstar next?

Universal just created a new top notch seasonal parade, Universal’s Holiday Parade, and there is a good chance that they will be bringing a higher quality daytime (or nighttime!) parade to Universal Orlando within the next 2 or 3 years.

Universal has had a 22,000 square foot (approximate) parade building behind Kidzone since late 2008 (pink). In preparation for Universal’s Superstar Parade, Universal added an outside awning for parade float storage in 2012 (green). They store some of the seasonal parade floats under this awning like the Mardi Gras and Holiday parade floats. Between the 22,000 square foot building and the small outside awning Universal stores 3 parades: Mardi Gras, Holiday, and the Superstar parade.

Universal  recently constructed a new, MASSIVE, parade building which is at least 40,000 square feet. The photo above, by Bioreconstruct, has an arrow pointing to the new building. The old parade building is visible to the left. With this new parade building- which is about double the size of the old one- and the existing awning (NOTE- the old building will be torn down for Nintendo World)… Universal has much more room for parade storage. Why do they need more parade float storage? Probably for more parade floats! Which indicates that we might be getting a new parade! It’s also worth noting that Universal recently closed its Superstar Parade Character Breakfast, stating that it’ll be replaced by a new experience.

What would the new parade be?

There are many possibilities for what the new parade could be. It might be a totally new and original parade made custom for Universal Orlando. It could also be a clone of the new “Universal Spectacle Night Parade” that is coming to Universal Studios Japan. Another possibility for a cloned parade is if Universal imported Japan’s “Reborn Parade”, which is considered to be a spectacular parade, for USF’s 30th anniversary. We might even see our own Magical Starlight Parade! Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

All of this is just a rumor, as time goes on we will see how it plays out!

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