New Curious George Attraction, Harry Potter & WaterWorld Upgrades – Universal Studios Japan

A new Curious George themed attraction will be coming to Universal Studios Japan in 2018. The show will be similar to Universal Studios Florida’s original Ghostbusters Spooktacular show. There will be a piece of glass separating the audience from the stage, and special effects will be used to make a cartoon version of Curious George come alive and interact with live performers on the stage. This show will open in spring of 2018 and will be located in the Hollywood section of the park. It will replace the long running Woody Woodpecker attraction titled “Animation Celebration.”

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey will undergo a massive refurbishment and reopen in late March of 2018. It is unknown what exactly the refurbishment will consist of, but the press release says something along the lines of:

-“(the ride will) be greatly evolved into a great excitement ride that will take unprecedented realism beyond imagination with net level video technology.”

-You’ll be immersed 360 degrees.

-They MIGHT be removing the 3D because the woman in the concept art isn’t wearing glasses.

WaterWorld will also undergo refurbishment and reopen in Spring, once again, not exactly sure what the refurbishment will consist of. Please check back soon as updates are made to this story!

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