Little Amerricka Trip Report – Marshall Wisconsin

Little Amerricka is a retro small town amusement park located in Marshall Wisconsin. The park features many classic attractions, and a very awesome train ride! Join me as I explore it!

Welcome to Little Amerricka!

We started off by riding their Mad Mouse ride, which is an old school wild mouse coaster!

We then went on the totally screwed up and AWESOME Toboggan ride!!

We then went on the parks junior wooden coaster called the Metor

They even beat Universal to opening up a Nintendo themed attraction! TAKE THAT UNIVERSAL!!

We finished off the day by riding the coolest ride in the park, the train! The train ride is very long (more than 20 minutes) and takes you through awesome scenery! IT HAS ZEBRAS! ZEBRAS IN WISCONSIN!!!

Watch a full video on my day at the park below!

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