Top 3 Doughuts at VooDoo Doughnut Orlando

VooDoo Doughnut is Universal CityWalk’s newest tenant. The place does not disappoint. The chain is based out of Oregon and offers speciality doughnuts, the location at CityWalk is their first store on the East Coast of the United States.

Of course I wanted to try their doughnuts.. and I also wanted to pick out my favorites. The only way to pick out my favorite doughnuts would be to try all of their doughnuts. To do this I purchased the “Coffin”. It’s a $140 wooden coffin filled with 3 dozen doughnuts. Their menu only has around 32 doughnuts, so I was able to try nearly all of them.

My favorite one by far is the Bacon Maple Bar. This “bar” is a raised yeast doughnut covered with a layer of maple flavored frosting, topped off with 2 pieces of bacon. The flavor is extraordinary and easily makes this one of my favorite doughnuts ever. Unfortunately my photo of this one isn’t so pretty..

My second favorite was easily the Portland Cream. This doughnut is fat and fluffy, covered with chocolate, and filled with sweet cream. Like the Bacon Maple Bar it’s also a raised yeast doughnut. The fluffy consistency of this doughnut and the chocolate frosting is what separated this from the rest. If you’re not a fan of the cream filling they also offer a very similar chocolate covered doughnut just without the filling.

Our bronze medal winner is called “Dirt”. It’s a raised yeast doughnut covered with crushed Oreos. Quite simple and very tasty. Overall the Coffin from VooDoo Doughnut was fun to purchase, and is easily worth the money for the amount of doughnuts you get along with the cool Halloween Decoration.

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