Universal Orlando Photo Update 3/16/18

Join us as we take a quick look around Universal Studios Florida and CityWalk! Starting off at CityWalk, VooDoo Donut is coming along nicely and should be open by the end of the month.

Extra was filming at Universal. Extra banners were up around CityWalk and the Mardi Gras medallion was removed from underneath the Universal Arch.

A few props from Terminator 2:3-D were for sale in the prop shop.

Lots of work is happening for the new Universal Studios Florida night show. A garage door has been added to a lagoon service building. The water in the lagoon is unusually low (could be natural, as most lakes in the area are currently low on water), all of the Cinematic Spectacular barges and fountains have been removed from the lagoon. Show equipment has been taken down from the top of Animal Actors. Walls have been put up around Central Park for what many think is a new lagoon show viewing area.

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