Yomiuriland Trip Report- Tokyo, Japan

Today I got the chance to visit Yomiuriland. The park is a small park located on the outskirts of Tokyo. We took quite the journey to get there:

When we first got out of the car, I couldn’t help but to stare in awe at the parks biggest coaster, Bandit, which dominates the skyline.

It’s currently the time of year when the Sakura tree’s bloom in Japan. This creates really pretty flowers.. check it out!

The main entrance to the park-

Who doesn’t like totally awesome Japanese vending machines!?!?!?

They had this very interesting character meet and greet going on

The vending machines are like a scary game. Choose wisely because what you end up with might taste like garbage

The park has an area called “God Job Attractions” which is a land with rides themed after real life jobs. One of the rides is a water ride where you are a Ramen Noodle that is being made in a factory!

Here’s a video of the Ramen madness:

Another ride that they have in this section is called Spin Runway. This is an indoor spinning coaster themed to fashion design

The Good Job area also had a car section. Inside of the car building there was a gigantic robot that would turn into a car, similar to a Transformer. They also had an attraction where you build a car and then go drive it. Overall, the Good Job area was a neat place that combines smaller attractions with some major e-tickets.

The park’s headliner attraction is the Bandit coaster. It’s a fun ride, but it’s a Japanese Jet Coaster. Meaning it doesn’t have many thrilling elements so to speak, mostly just goes fast through the trees.

Dang. Guess I can’t bring my duck on the ride 🙁

He’s the dog.. The big bad dogggg… The bounty hunterrr

So Japanese

Some Bandit coaster porn for those who are into that type of stuff

Snack break. I pointed to “Fried potatoes with bacon” but it ended up having some other stuff on it too. It was pretty good!

The Jurassic Car ride was pretty weird. Go around in an old car and look at animatronic dinosaurs along the way.

Looking around the park-

If you have any combustibles to throw away just bring them to Yomiuriland

The “Momonga” coaster is interesting because it has 2 trains, a sit down train and a stand up. It’s a Togo ride if that means anything to you

Little kids fighting fires

Some more photos of the park…

Yomiuriland was pretty cool! Checking out.

After we left the park we went to a pizza buffet! Craziness.

Last but not least, enjoy this whale/catfish combo

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