Tokyo Dome City Trip Report! Tokyo, Japan

La Qua is an amusement park located at Tokyo Dome City in Tokyo. The Tokyo Dome is an arena and it is surrounded by an entertainment complex called Dome City. Inside of Dome City is an amusement park and mall called La Qua. The park has a few dark rides, a unique ferris wheel, and one large coaster called the Thunder Dolphin. Let’s check it out!

The park was packed at first because a concert at the Tokyo Dome was about to begin. Once the concert started the place cleared out.

Notice that the ferris wheel has no interior spokes. Pretty unique! Here’s the Thunder Dolphin:

The line was LONGGGGG so I bought a skip the line pass. It only cost $5. It had a return time to come back later, so I went and explored the rest of the park. Log Flume:

Looking towards the Tokyo Dome:

They had these massive hamster balls to ride on, the water looked a tad bit green..

Then I went on The Dive. This is a new(?) dark ride that they have. It’s a shooting ride of where you ride in a submarine and travel between 3 or 4 show scenes, stop, and then shoot the targets. A POV will be posted to my youtube!

Time to ride the Thunder Dolphin!

It was a fun ride! What they had here that I’ve never seen before in the United States are bands to put around your flip flops so they don’t fall off. Cool idea, but somewhat unnecessary on a sit down coaster? They were extremely tight here about loose articles.

A look around the park:


The park had a few other attractions located down stairs in an adjacent building. They had the Tokyo Panic Cruise, which is a cheesy Spider-Man style ride. It was very Japanese. They also had a Power Rangers stunt show!

I finished up my visit to Tokyo Dome City with some traditional Japanese food:


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