SeaWorld Orlando Electric Ocean Review

Electric Ocean has returned to SeaWorld Orlando for the second year in a row, and it has come back bigger and better than ever! Electric Ocean took the theme park community by surprise when it premiered last year with its stellar animal shows, a fantastic bubble show and a one of a kind firework spectacular. This year at Electric Ocean you’ll find many of the same amazing experiences from the prior year, such as Sea Lions Tonite, POP by Bubble Legendary, and Club SeaGlow along with the Ignite! firework show. In this review we will take a look at some of the major experiences that are featured at Electric Ocean!

Touch The Sky- This new Dolphin show is both charming as well as being upbeat and fun! The show carries a great SeaWorld conservation message and it really ties all of Electric Ocean together by explaining the event. As always, the Dolphins are the star of the show and their tricks and flips are awesome! This show also has lots of action from flying birds- a neat feature that go along well with the Dolphins. This show is a winner in my book, SeaWorld Orlando has another great show on their hands.

Sea Lions Tonite- This is a comedy show starring the parks resident Sea Lions, Clyde and Seamore. The show has some good laughs and is overall entertaining, but compared to Touch The Sky it is nothing to write home about. Overall it’s a good show.


SeaWorld and Bubble Legendary Present: POP- This show, much like last year, is awesome. This year they made the show even better than before by removing some acts from the show that were deemed to be boring. The show this year flows much better and is entertaining the whole time! I highly recommend seeing this show!

Club Sea Glow- This is the only spot where I noticed some downgrades from last year. Maybe it is just because it was opening weekend and they are still working out kinks, but here’s what I saw.. It looks like the various circus style acts that preform throughout the night were significantly less cool this year. I watched people swing around bouncy balls that were tied to ropes and hula-hoop while wearing Christmas Lights. The laser dancing man was back, and he was still awesome! Another thing that was odd was that after the Ignite! show, instead of going straight into post show music like last year, the DJ kept playing dance party tunes for a solid 20 minutes. Nothing wrong with that, but I preferred how last year Ignite! capped off your day and ended the night.

Ignite!- The best night show in Orlando is back this year.. and they somehow managed to make it even better than last year! This year you will find much more low level pyrotechnics scattered across various barges on the SeaWorld lake! It really adds to the show. They also added more flame jets- including a MASSIVE one on the central island! This show does not disappoint!

Overall, SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean is an amazing experience. It features spectacular shows and entertainment. We at Park Pass highly suggest that you visit!

  • Touch The Sky
  • Sea Lions Tonite
  • POP
  • Club Sea Glow
  • Ignite!

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