REVIEW: Jurassic World Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

The all new Jurassic World ride at Universal Studios Hollywood puts a fantastic and high-tech twist on a classic attraction. This new ride really breathes fresh air into the old Jurassic Park river ride by bringing in new technology and more relevant show scenes.

Gone is the boring and plain intro scene, replaced by this new “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth” show scene. This scene is the gateway to the Mosasaur Aquarium.. a show scene that is sure to take your breath away…

Although the grand reveal that was once on the Jurassic Park ride is gone, this aquarium scene is a suitable replacement. Give it time and it will become just as iconic as the introduction scene of the old ride. This is the only media-based part of the ride. The screens are so realistic that you cannot tell if the plants are real or fake. In addition to the extremely realistic screens and visuals, there are some fantastic water effects in this scene that really help add to the realism.

Following this part of the attraction you round the corner into a cove with some Stegosaurus dinosaurs. These new animatronics are very lifelike compared to the ones seen on the old ride. The Hadrosaur Cove section of the old ride is gone (where you used to get “knocked off course” into the raptor area). It has been replaced by Predator Cove.

This is where the biggest storyline change from the old Jurassic Park ride to the new Jurassic World ride is seen. On the old ride you were knocked off course into the scary and dangerous Raptor Containment Area. On this new ride your tour boat is supposed to go through Predator Cove. But while you’re in Predator Cove you notice that the Indominus Rex has escaped. The lift hill and main show building which used to be themed as a water treatment plant are now themed as “T-Rex Kingdom,” as if it was a stop on your tour of Jurassic World.

The Predator Cove section of the ride is the worst part. It feels very static and empty. Adding some small props here or an animatronic or 2 would do it wonders. They can also make some of the plants or trees shake and move like they did in the old ride. This is really the only not so great area of the attraction.

Once you venture up the lift hill you come face to face with a WALKING animatronic of Blue the Raptor. I repeat, this animatronic WALKS and talks! It is incredible! The upstairs of the show building is themed head to toe with rock work, it no longer looks like a water treatment facility.

You then come to the finale of the ride where you witness the I-Rex and the T-Rex battling it out. This scene is very impressive, and they aren’t even done with it yet. Give it a few months and this will be one of the coolest show scenes in theme park history.

Overall Jurassic World is an amazing addition to Universal Studios Hollywood. The whole area is an upgrade over what it used to be. The new Raptor Encounter and Triceratops characters are insanely cool, and the Jurassic Cafe upgrade is leaps and bounds better than what was there before. If you are in the area make sure to checkout this fantastic new addition to Universal Studios Hollywood!

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