Stratosphere Trip Report- Las Vegas

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. I found the park to be interesting, since it sits on top of a massive building. The just park has 4 crazy attractions.. X-Scream, Big Shot, Insanity, and SKY Jump.

When you first walk into the building, you are greeted with a HUGE casino, you then walk your way over to the ticket stands, purchase your tickets, then take a ride in a 2 story elevator to the top! (That little light blue square on the top left of the tower is SKY Jump)

X-Scream is a seesaw style flat ride, seesawing riders off of the side of the tower. Below is the video that I shot of the attraction

There is a GREAT view of the surrounding area up top! They also have an indoor bar and lounge up top!

Big shot is the tallest thrill ride in the world! (Not the ride itself, it is just on top of a REALLY high building!) Being honest, this was the scariest launch tower that I have EVER been on!

Insanity The Ride was closed due to winds 🙁

SKY Jump was open to the brave souls who wanted to ride:

Overall, pretty cool place!

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