Nickelodeon is Leaving Orlando After 26 Years

Nickelodeon will officially end its 26 year run in Orlando on June 1st, 2016.

It’s the end of an era. Nickelodeon will officially end its 26 year run in Orlando on June 1st, 2016. The popular children’s TV network has had a major presence in this city since 1990, when it opened Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida. 90’s kids who watched Nickelodeon dreamed of taking a trip to Nickelodeon Studios, and children of the 2000’s always hoped to visit Nickelodeon Hotel. Now, come June 1st, both of these two Nickelodeon experiences will be a thing of the past. Yes, we’ve known about the closure of the hotel for quite some time, yet it seems that no one noticed this will be the first time in 26 years that Nickelodeon will not have an attraction in Orlando. Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios closed in April of 2005, and the hotel will be closing this June as it is transformed into a Holiday Inn. Don’t worry- you still have time to visit Nick Hotel! It costs $17 to visit the resort and walk around if you are not staying there. While visiting the resort you can meet some Nickelodeon characters, or even take a photo with their historic time capsule.

You might remember watching Nick in the 90’s and seeing the Nickelodeon Studios Florida closing tag at the end of various TV shows, or the clips of kids jumping rope on the iconic Nickelodeon Way street. Nickelodeon Studios was called the “Children’s Capital Of The World” and the place “Where Nick Is Made”

If you watched Nickelodeon in the later 2000’s you’d recall seeing advertisements for Nickelodeon Hotel, or video clips of a gigantic slime bucket dumping gallons of slime all over happy fans below. Unfortunately, children from around the world will no longer have a place to go get slimed after the first of June.

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Wonder what will happen to the time capsule?


Will they still sir nickelodeon shows on tv

Michael Burt

After 26 years of an awesome childhood experience I honestly can’t believe that it’s coming to an end.


I can’t believe this is happening I been saving up money since November of 2015 just to go here in September and now this happens thanks a lot u destroy all my childhood dreams


So the them park can’t Still stay open just move it some where els I relly wonted to go since I was a kid now iam 22 and still working on it plz don’t close it for ever


I remember visiting here when I was a kid. I remember seeing the set of Gulla Gulla Island and thought it was the most amazing thing ever. Sad to see it’s gone, but at the same time..I wouldn’t dream to see all the shitty Nick shows now crowding up this awesome place. I feel like they need to have a 90’s nick museum or something.


Is there a discount to go before it closes?