Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming Kitchen Review - Disney Springs

Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming Kitchen is a Florida themed eatery that is located at Disney Springs. The restaurant is known for its fried chicken and other southern style foods.

The biggest downfall to our experience was when we first got seated. We did not have a server come over to our table for 10 minutes. Many employees walked  by and looked at us but no one came over to serve us until I personally asked for a server. The decor in the restaurant is nice, not too crazy and is pleasing to the eye.

We started off with the Thigh High Chicken Biscuits. This dish was superb. The biscuits are fluffy and the chicken is coated with honey, making this a fantastic appetizer. The chicken was very good, it was not chewy and was easy to bite. I highly suggest ordering this.

The view inside of a biscuit!

The Chicken and Doughnuts was great. The chicken is all fall off the bone, crispy and flavorful. The donuts were covered with cinnamon and dissolved in your mouth- delicious.

The chicken was very tasty. It is some of, if not the best fried chicken in Orlando.

The server suggested the Mac & Cheese, and claimed that it was “some of the best in the world”. It was VERY good, but I have had better before. I liked how the top was crispy and the inside was creamy.

Overall, Homecoming Kitchen is a fantastic place to eat and offers some of the best fried chicken in Orlando!






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