Review: The Haunted Hayride at Field Of Screams PA

Field Of Screams, located in Mountville Pennsylvania, claims to have one of the best haunted hayrides in the world. This was my first time going on a haunted hayride, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I must say though- it was quite awesome.

The attraction starts by entering the queue through a haunted barn building, this building features a short hallway that has a video screen portraying a monster running to attack you, and it also features an extremely loud horn thst goes off every so often. After this short hallway you are brought into a large open space filled with switchbacks. To keep the crowd entertained while they wait there is a live dj, a queue video, and the occasional scare actor who will run around the queue. My only complaint with the queue is that so many people buy their inexpensive VIP skip the line option that it makes the stand by line for the ride HUGE.

The ride consists of boarding tractor pulled trams which are filled with hay, and then driving through 10 or so show scenes where actors try to scare you. Some of the show scenes are outdoors, and some are indoors. The indoor scenes consist of driving into a building and then garage doors close and cover the entrance and exit; the room then comes alive with horror. The outdoor ones have the same concept of the indoor scenes, except these ones use some effects that aren’t indoor friendly, such as fire. One thing that is unique is that the actors can in fact touch the guests!

The first scene of the ride is an indoor scene themed to a slaughter house. Dead pigs drop down from the ceiling, and intimidating men wearing pig heads chop up pigs and then run and jump on to the vehicle. Another scene that stood out on the tour was the circus scene with clowns. During this scene a big black tarp drops down from the ceiling and lands on everyone’s heads! The tarp then raises up revealing clowns! The clowns played with people’s hair and really scared them. One of my favorite scenes was the Toxic Waste Dump. In this scene the sets were hit with black lights and then the actors, who were wearing neon paint on their costumes, all glowed in the dark.

Most of the ride included very good set design, but it also had some weak spots. One of the main weak spots is a scene of where there is literally just one guy using a mounted gun to pretend to shoot at us. Another scene featured giant spiders that dropped from the ceiling, it was kind of cool but definitely on the weaker side of the whole experience.

Overall, it is a very fun and enjoyable 20 minute long haunted hayride experience. I highly suggest visiting Field of Screams if you are in the area. Besides the hayride, they also offer 3 haunted houses.

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  • Theming
  • Length/Amount of Scenes

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