New Fast & Furious Supercharged Details Uncovered

New concept art and details for Fast & Furious Supercharged, coming to Universal Orlando this spring, have been revealed. The new information includes concept art, details about show scenes, and what might potentially be the opening scene of the ride. All of this was found on the Universal Orlando website.

The photo above is new and it showcases a pre-show scene that is titled “A Change of Plans”. The name indicates that there will (obviously) be some sort of “change of plans” that take place in the storyline of the attraction. It appears that a musion effect will be used to help pull off this pre-show. The concept art below, which was revealed last year and is not new, showcases a pre-show scene titled “Your Invitation”, which (also obviously) leads me to believe that we will be invited onto some type of journey with the Fast and Furious crew.

This next piece of concept art is titled “Iconic Cars”. This area of the attraction will be showcasing famous cars from the Fast & Furious movies, including the 1994 Toyota Supra which was seen in the movies being driven by Brian O’Conner, who was played by the late Paul Walker. You can also notice in this photo that “Sullivan’s Garage” is located in the back right side of the scene. This garage is used as the facade for Fast & Furious Supercharged at Universal Studios Hollywood. This leads me to believe that guests at Universal Orlando will be experiencing a story on this attraction that is very similar to the one in California.

It is unknown if the scene below is apart of the ride or apart of the queue, but there is a very good chance that this is the first scene of the ride. My guess is that the ride will turn to the right hand side after pulling out of the station into the “Iconic Cars” scene, and then it will turn right again, but this time into Sullivan’s garage where we will see a scene identical to the one at Universal Studios Hollywood.

As previously announced, this attraction will utilize a virtual queuing system similar to the one at Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the photo below you can get a sneak peak at the computer interface that will be used for when guests go to select their time to ride.

Keep in mind that all the speculating above about the various scenes on the ride, and about the attractions storyline, are purely speculation. More details are expected to be released by Universal Orlando in the near future.

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