Disney’s Animal Kingdom Helicopter Photo Update | Pandora- The World Of AVATAR

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Now for the moment all of you have been waiting for. If you’ve been following along with out helicopter photo update series, earlier this week we took a look at Sea World Orlando, then Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. On Monday we looked at the Magic Kingdom, River Country and Discovery Island; and last night we took a look at the construction going on at EPCOT. This will be our final installment of the helicopter photo update (until we fly again!) For this update we will be focusing on Disney’s Animal Kingdom… Without further adieu, let’s begin!

The entrance of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is lookin’ good!

The gigantic Tree Of Life…

Expedition Everest in all of it’s glory (minus the disco-yeti)

The new Rivers Of Light nighttime show has been under construction at Animal Kingdom for quite awhile now, here you can see the full show lagoon.

Another angle of the lagoon-

A closer look at one of the viewing areas. Do you think it will be standing room only or will it have seats?

This is the old service area for the former Discovery River Boats attraction, it is now the service area of Rivers Of Light.

These 2 props from the Discovery River Boats still remain backstage!

This is the backstage area where the parking trams and the Kilimanjaro Safari trucks are stored-

The parade building

You can still see a sign for the extinct Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade on the parade storage building!

Moving onto Pandora- The World Of AVATAR

The floating mountains will look fantastic.

The giant concrete slab appears to be the main restaurant of the land-

Here’s a very interesting image looking directly down on Pandora- The World Of AVATAR.

Another view of the floating mountains..

Lots of work going on here

Back of the show building

Back of the show building on the other side of the building

In this image you can see the ride track for the boat ride. Notice the track is not for your typical boat ride ride system (small world/maelstrom). Could this ride be using a system similar to the Shanghai Disneyland Pirates Of The Caribbean?

An expanded version of the above photograph-

The whole land as seen from behind the park

Pandora- The World Of AVATAR

Pandora- The World Of AVATAR

Pandora- The World Of AVATAR

In the top center of this photo you can see the old Camp Minnie Mickey entrance. The rocks that formed the stream in the old land still remain.

Pandora- The World Of AVATAR

More of Pandora

A concrete slab

Wide shot

Old Camp Minnie Mickey entrance

Floating mountain installed.

Facing the land

The staging area for Avatar is located behind Kali River Rapids

Some of the DAK boneyard

A wide shot of the park facing the bone/scrap yard

One final shot of Expedition Everest

We hope you enjoyed this photo update of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Thanks for following along with our helicopter photo updates!

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Thanks for the fantastic aerial updates this week. The photos are awesome!


Thanks for all these great aerial photos!

Hate to make a request when you’ve been so generous, but did you happen to get any photos of Animal Kingdom that show the newly-expanded Africa (Harambe+Lion King+Marketplace) or the Discovery Island changes (Riverside Depot, etc.)?



Wow – do you spy on your neighbors too? Disney has made so many people happy by awe-inspiring “magic.” Why would you want to spoil that? Your imagery is NOT appreciated.


If you dont want to see pictures of construction it really begs the question of why you’re visiting a site that does construction updates of ALL the Orlando area parks… the pictures are very much appreciated by those in the local blogging community 😉


Contrary to this other persons opinion, many of the readers (i am one) do appreciate the pictures.
For those who do not, do look.


well done
hope you get to do this again in the future


Awesome! I can’t wait to see it! I love Avatar!