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Gardaland Italy Trip Report

Gardaland! The #1 amusement park in Italy! The park, located in Castelnuovo del Garda, opened in 1975 and is currently operated by Merlin Entertainments. Gardaland is a seasonal amusement park that operates in the Spring and Summer seasons, it features 33 rides and 6 coasters.

Welcome to Gardaland!

Inside the main entrance plaza is a gigantic golden statue of the parks mascot.. Prezemolo!

The park has a very screwed up entrance.. You either turn left, right or run into a wall. We chose to go right! We found this nice little carousel

First stop- FOOD! We ate at a Medieval themed restaurant. It was table service and had fantastic selection of food which was all pork items cooked in different ways.

My food-

This stuff was the definition of good theme park food..!

Here’s what my partner in crime ordered-

Off to Fantasy Kingdom

First attraction of the day was the Magic House! Boy… this was an interesting one. It’s located inside of a giant tree.

It is a Vekoma Madhouse with 2 pre-shows, all in Italian. First pre-show is in a dark elevator that moves down while some weird stuff happens on the ceiling, the second pre-show room is in a house with a gigantic devil-like animatronic which MIGHT be a version of Prezemolo. The animatronic speaks to guests in Italian. Lets skip to the second pre-show- “I’M GOING TO EAT YOU”

Moving into the main room; guests sit down on benches and the room spins around them.. really weird.

After that I took a look around Fantasy Kingdom. Couldn’t help but notice that the airplane ride looks very similar to the Slyvester’s McMonkey McBean Unusual Driving Machines that was originally supposed to be apart of the Seuss themed land at Islands Of Adventure


You know what’s weird? This park allows guests to bring their dogs.. Not something you see everyday.

Fantasy Kingdom has lots of hands on interactive kid play areas

This land also had really weird trees that had faces on them *shrug*

Now onto my first wing-rider and 60th coaster credit…*drum roll* RAPTOR!

Moving into the load station

While not very intense, it was still a very fun ride. DOUBLE thumbs up for Raptor.

Time for a bathroom break. Wanting to take a normal poop as one would in the United States? Well you’ll be in for a shock!

Up next- Oblivion: The Black Hole. Dive Coaster.

Then we went on the Ice Age 4D show. It was similar to the typical SpongeBob 4D that can be found around the world. This show was in Italian. You can tell it used to have some type of temple thing because they only painted over all the theming with blue.

After that we went on their weird shooting dark ride that was in an Egyptian temple but featured Terminators? Huh? Made no sense..

The ride is an omni-mover shooting dark ride featuring LASERS!

The skyline of Gardaland-

We then started walking towards I Corsari. The ride is essentially an arguably better version of Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Welcome to I Corasari


Think these boats sink like the ones at Magic Kingdom??

Going through some pirate village

I spy some crystals

One interesting thing about this ride is that the finale portion is actually “underwater”

That’s all from Gardaland! We had a nice, short and fun visit to the Italian park. I highly suggest you check it out if you are in the area.

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