Rumor Roundup- Tron Lightcycle Power Run at Magic Kingdom

It is highly speculated that a new ride, the Tron Lightcycle Power Run, will be announced this Saturday to be coming to the Magic Kingdom. A few different insiders have been posting details of about the attraction; we combined the information into the following rumor roundup.

The following information is from Marni1971 on WDWMagic-

  • The Tron ride is a direct clone of the Shanghai ride, interior and exterior.
  • The ride will be located next to Space Mountain and behind the Tomorrowland Speedway.
  • The large outdoor concourse area which is featured outside of the Shanghai attraction will be coming to Orlando.
  • The new Tron attraction and area is directly connected with a Tomorrowland Speedway makeover. We do not know this makeover will consist of at this time (demolition and rebuild? new cars? Ip overlay?).
  • The new ride should not affect the train.
  • He says if the new proposed attraction and new area is built, “some will be shocked. This part of the park will be as changed forever as in 1980 and 1992.”
  • The new ride and area will change guest flow, along with views both from and into the park.
  • Martin describes the new area as a “Tron corner” of the park.
  • He personally believes that if these proposed changes to Tomorrowland do happen, the new land will be better than the current land.

Screamscape has been reporting different information than what Marni1971 has been reporting. Lets take a look at the information from them.

  • Screamscape originally reported that the ride will be replacing the Tomorrowland Speedway. The next day Screamscape said that it will instead be located behind Buzz Lightyear, where a cast member parking lot currently sits.
  • The outdoor section of the ride will go between the Carousel of Progress and the PeopleMover station.
  • Screamscape claimed that the budget for the outdoor canopy had been cut, and the canopy would not be built. They later backtracked on that claim, and said the canopy will indeed be built in Orlando.
  • The ride will open in 2021 for Magic Kingdom’s 50th birthday, or it might open in 2023.

As you can see, the information from Screamscape is drastically different than the information from Marni1971.

WDWNT, the website who intially broke the story about the new Tron ride coming to Orlando has said the following about the new ride..

  • The Tomorrowland Speedway will close in 2018 to be replaced by Tron.
  • The Speedway will be completely removed for the new ride.
  • The new attraction will open just in time for Magic Kingdom’s 50th birthday (2020/2021).

If the ride does get announced this Saturday at the D23 expo, we will be able to see who had the most accurate information!

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