RUMOR: Sum of all Thrills to reopen at Epcot

Take this rumor as a grain of salt… but there is some pretty significant evidence to back it up.

Apparently the Sum of all Thrills attraction in Innoventions East will be reopening. Come August 13th, Future World East will only have 2 major operating attractions, as the Wonders of Life pavilion and Energy pavilion will both be closed. Test Track and Mission Space will be open, along with the small Colortopia attraction in Innoventions East.

This past Friday while visiting Colortopia, the Sum of all Thrills marquee and show lighting were both on, this is unusual because ever since the ride has closed all of the lighting has been off. A cast member informed us that crews have been cycling and testing the ride at night recently. They have also been messing with the lighting and show elements. (Side note- Apparently Glidden is NOT happy with the current state of building that their brand new Colortopia attraction is operating in)

If the attraction does re-open it can make a great addition to Future World East. Hopefully they will even add some exterior signage to push guests inside the mostly closed and hidden Innoventions East building to experience the amazing Colortopia, and hopefully the Sum of all Thrills. Once again, take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Below you can see a video taken on Friday of all the show lighting and marquee lights on.

Feature image from DIS Unplugged.

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