Tokyo DisneySea Trip Report

We spent Easter at Tokyo Disneyland, and the day after we went to Tokyo DisneySea. The theming at this park is ridiculous! Follow me along as I have an awesome day at the park.. Checkout that line to get in!

Good morning, beautiful!

We started off by darting to Tower of Terror to get Fast Passes (they still use the old school paper system), then we went and jumped in the standby line for Journey To The Center of The Earth.

The queue for this ride is great. I love how you go “down” into the Earth in massive elevators!

There’s no backstory behind the next photo, I just thought that it was a cool sign. It’s at the exit to Journey To The Center of The Earth.

Mysterious Island is one of my FAVORITE themed lands to ever exist. I sat in here for hours and just watched boats go by, and watched massive air bubbles pop out of the water.

One of DisneySea’s iconic snacks is the Gyoza dog. It’s basically a HUGE sausage dumpling.

We then took the DisneySea Electric Railway over to the New York section of the park to ride Tower of Terror. You could see the huge lines for Nemo & Friends SeaRider.

We then went on the Tower of Terror. This ride is not themed to The Twilight Zone, but rather it is themed to a hotel in New York called “Hotel Hightower”. This ride has a cool pre-show with some amazing special effects. The queue is stellar too. The downfall is the ride itself; it’s somewhat cheesy.

This is one of the best themed lands in any theme park. The Venice land at TDS. It has no major attractions, but it is really really stunning to look at.

After our TOT FastPass I went on Indiana Jones Adventure. This was probably my favorite ride in the park! Truly a spectacular dark ride!

For lunch we tried some Japanese-Mexican Food. It was interesting to say the least.. One of the quesadillas was normal, the other was filled with some foul tasting seafood.

I then went on Sindbad’s Storbook Voyage. I loved it! A great family dark ride!

I checked out Aquatopia. This ride was interesting. Unfortunately the line was too long for me to go on it.

We then did some other attractions and ended the day with Fantasmic. You can see a video of the day here:

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