Efteling Trip Report - The Netherlands

Much to my surprise, Efteling is easily one of the nicest theme parks in the world. While visiting Amsterdam I had the opportunity to check out Efteling. I didn’t know anything about the place.. I hardly did any research or anything. I was completely blown away! As always, click the photos to enlarge them.

The park entrance is a massive hut style building with 3 arches. It’s huge!

I was totally caught off guard by the high quality theming of the park. I was very, very impressed. Below is a picture of the carousel. I was crunched on time so I wasn’t able to experience all the rides, but I am looking forward to going back!

The park’s newest dark ride, Symbolica, was under construction when I was there.

We started off by riding this interesting contraption… Pretty sure it’s called a Vekoma Madhouse! You walk inside and sit down, and then the walls of the room that you’re sitting in start rotating. It’s a very interesting effect and it’s very European. You can see it in my video at the end of this post!

Checkout the awesome strollers that they have available for park guests!

They had awesome children’s attractions, including this playground…

…And this train ride of where you pedal your small train around the track!

The park has an attraction which is just miniature models and train sets, it’s quite impressive.

The landscaping is fantastic at the park.. Along with the trash cans!


Vogel Rock is an indoor coaster similar to Space Mountain, it had some awesome laser effects!

The park had an omni-mover version of It’s A Small World, it’s called Carnival Festival.

The park had these very cool vending machine style things, but they served hot food!

The park’s newest ride is Baron 1989. It’s a dive coaster and the theming is AMAZING. It has animatronics, projection mapping, the whole sha’bang. Simply jaw dropping.

Before heading out we went on a few other attractions, but unfortunately I don’t have any photos of them. You can see my whole day in the video at the bottom of the post! My last stop before leaving was the Poffertjes stand; they are almost like little pancakes, but they are hot, gewey and amazing!

Here’s a video of my day-

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Great video Jake !!