Universal Studios Japan Photo Update

In this Universal Studios Japan photo update we will be covering various changes that have recently been made around the park and CityWalk! These photos come from our Japanese friends on Twitter: @made_in_usj, @univerkou, @LCAstudios_USJ and @absyaecg!

Starting off in CityWalk, the area which houses the Specta light show is under refurbishment. This puts the light show out of action for the next few weeks. (PC @absyaecg)

Here is a video of the Specta show. It’s a small light show that they put on at CityWalk. Pretty cool!

Over at the entrance of the park, @Univerkou snapped this shot of the recently reprinted Minion Park advertisements. It’s almost been a year since they’ve been put up.

Moving into the park, the canopy that covers the entrance area has recently sprung a leak during rain storms. Photos by @absyaecg

Above you can see team members guarding the puddle on the floor. In this next shot you can see where the water is coming from.

Our friends @made_in_USJ noticed that the wait time/information sign in front of the now closed Animation Celebration attraction has been covered. The show is being replaced by a Curious George themed show.

Also in the Hollywood area they have been doing some pathway expansions, you can see that below. Taken by @absyaecg

The Pantages theater facade is under refurbishment scrims-

WaterWorld closed in January and is undergoing a MASSIVE refurbishment. It currently has no reopening date set. In this photo taken by @LCAStudios_USJ you can see construction walls outside of the WaterWorld themed land.

Lin Universal Wonderland the park has added a “Big Face” snack stand. Following photos by @absyaecg

Elmo’s Go-Go Skateboard is closed for refurbishment, and the Hello Kitty Cupcake shop has closed.

The closed Hello Kitty shop:

Over in Jurassic Park, the turkey leg flavored popcorn stand has been removed. Yes, turkey leg flavored popcorn.

In New York, a projector for Universal’s Spectacle Night Parade can be seen on the top left of the Spider-Man building. Then, following that is a picture of construction going on near bathrooms in the backstage area of the San Francisco section of the park. P/C @absyaecg

San Fran bathrooms project-

Thank you for joining us for this Universal Studios Japan photo update! Special thanks to the people who took the photos.

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