Review: The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

Staying at The Park Front Hotel is like living right in the heart of Citywalk.  Just steps from the gates of Universal Studios Japan, The Park Front Hotel gives easy access to the park as well as world class service.  I was fortunate to stay at the hotel twice in my ventures to Japan.

Checking in as foreigner, I thought the check in process may have some hurdles, but much to my surprise, the front desk process was smooth and flawless.  The Japanese Front Desk Agent did not speak fluent English, but knew just enough info to assist me through the check in process with a smile.

The hotel also offers a Concierge desk adjacent to the check in counters where you can buy tickets to Universal Studios Japan as well as Express passes.  I utilized this ticket counter on both visits.  Although language was a bit of a barrier here again, they had convenient flyers where you can point to the tickets/packages you want to purchase.  There wasn’t so much of a “discount” by purchasing from this counter, but rather a convenience of not having to deal with the park’s busy ticket windows.  Definitely a plus in my book.

The Park Front Hotel’s theme is based on America’s major cities beyond time and space and the whole hotel immerses you in that environment.  Depending on the room, you may also get great views of Universal Studios or Citywalk.  My room had a wonderful view of the later on both visits. The lobby is beautiful, with chandeliers and the iconic Universal globe.

The elevator also had a fascinating time machine vibe, with a spinning clock on the ceiling and a warped numbering scheme to designate floors.  I thought the elevator was one of the most creative ones I’ve seen before.

The rooms themselves are decent.  I wouldn’t say they are the nicest I’ve stayed in, but they were perfect for my needs with the basic amenities.  I stayed in the standard rooms, but I read there is a Deluxe level as well.   I will note that it does have a very roomy bathroom though, with separate shower and toilet areas (and a very nifty Japanese multi-function toilet).  I did find the beds to be a bit stiff on both visits – definitely an area of improvement.  The rooms were very clean and well stocked, and I like that they provided two nice size water bottles free of charge.  This was helpful to take to the park for the day.

The hotel also has some onsite restaurants, the most popular being the buffet style Akala.  This restaurant was very crowded on both of my stays.  There is also the Oahu Room, which seems to be rental space for groups.  I noticed several groups had booked this room on both visits.  Unfortunately, I did not get to dine at any of these.

Adjacent to the restaurants (all on the Lobby level of the hotel), there are also some shops as well, the most bizarre being Lawson, a Japanese Convenience Store of sorts (think of Wawa Japanese style).  Hot and cold meals are served here, as well as grab and go items.

Overall, I had great stays at this hotel and would recommend it.  Plus, you will be staying just a few steps from the main entrance to Universal Studios Japan - that itself is worth it!


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