Salitre Mágico Trip Report- Bogotá Colombia

For the very first time, I took a trip to South America and went to an amusement park. I haven’t come across any other theme park bloggers who have ventured out to the parks in Bogotá, so I knew that I’d be one of the first ones. There are 2 “major” parks in Bogotá, these are Salitre Mágico and Parqe Mundo Aventura. The term “major” doesn’t mean much. These parks are about the size of the Fun Spot America theme parks (Parque Mundo Aventura is bigger than Salitre). Salitre Mágico is similar to a local carnival with 2 added roller coasters.

I was really nervous that the employee working the ticket stand wouldn’t speak English. Thankfully they did. I was able to get the ride passes that I wanted~ which was only for the coasters. Paying with Colombian Pesos is confusing because of the little value they have, so the total amount of Pesos for something like tickets to the park were astronomical.
Upon walking into the park you’ll see there’s a haunted house to your right. Had a really well done facade! Especially considering that the rest of the park has no theming.Then I went on my first (and only..) Colombian roller coaster, and got my 100th credit! The ride was a short and rough arrow looper.

They had a Samsung themed ferris wheel and a walkthrough attraction which was literally a retired commercial airplane

They also had a big Top Spin flat ride which was popular amongst the ColombiansTheir second coaster, called Double Loop, was down for the duration of my visit

That wrapped up my trip to Salitre, next we’re going to take a visit to Mundo Aventura.

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