Illumination’s SING Show Coming to Universal Studios Japan in 2019!


As we previously reported, a major new show attraction is set to open at Universal Studios Japan in 2019. Today the park confirmed that “Sing on Tour” will be opening in the Hollywood section in Spring of 2019.

It is being advertised that the characters will “really sing in front of you.” The park is calling this a “super real musical” and it will be hosted by Buster Moon. It says that it will not be a 3D show. I can’t imagine that they will simply have actors dressed in costumes running around the stage.. as this seems like too big of an investment for nonsense like that. I think this will be Universal’s attempt at an Animatronic Show, similar to the Country Bear Jamboree. The property perfectly lends itself to that style of attraction. The building the show is going into will be called “Illumination Theater”, similar to Dreamworks Theater at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Unfortunately it’s hard to translate these Japanese articles, but we will update this post as more information is learned.

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