Universal Studios Japan Getting Major New Show in 2019



UPDATE: This show is now CONFIRMED to be “Sing on Tour”

A major new show attraction is coming to Universal Studios Japan in 2019! Construction walls have gone up around the parks long-vacant Horror Make-Up Show theater, and the annual passholder center which was located in the theater lobby has moved to the former Television Production Tour building. Below are photos that I took in April showing the now closed annual passholder center in the lobby of the theater (known as Stage 14).

What will this new show be? We have 2 leading rumors, one of them is probably more correct than the other..- But I’ll post them both anyway.

Rumor #1 (and probably the more correct rumor) is that it’ll be a Minion show. The construction walls around the former theater are Minion themed, and all of the Despicable Me attractions to be built at USJ have had Minion themed construction walls. Along with that- the Japanese LOVE Minions. This would be the second major Despicable Me attraction to open at the park and it would be able to pull hundreds of people off the streets to watch it.

Rumor #2 is Blue Man Group. I find this one to be somewhat far fetched.. but we shall see. This show will be available to regular park guests and will not be an up charge like the CityWalk Orlando version.

Another possibility is that this will be the Dreamworks Theatre attraction, similar to the one that opened at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Below are photos of Stage 14 when it was the Horror Make-Up Show. The show lasted for only a few years before closing in the early 2000’s. Stage 14 (the theater we’re talking about) is located in the same spot that Transformers is located in at Universal Studios Florida. It’s somewhat ironic that both parks have had unused theater buildings in the same exact spot (Universal Orlando’s Sound Stage 44). Whatever this 2019 show is- it’ll probably be awesome like most of Universal Studios Japans shows!

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