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Review: Disney’s Polynesian DVC Villas

I recently got an opportunity to stay in one of Disney’s Polynesian Villas, part of the Disney Vacation Club.  During our stay, we were in the 2nd floor of the Pago Pago unit, which is the closest to the Transportation and Ticket Center walkway.

Room Tour

These deluxe studios, with 465 sq. ft, sleep up to 5, with a queen bed, a queen sleep sofa (pulls out from the couch), and a hidden pull-down bunk type bed.

My favorite of the three was the hidden pull-down bed, which is easy to access as shown below.  The artwork inside the unit itself is Lilo and Stitch inspired too!

In front of the other pull-out bed couch, there is a bin for storage.

Next to the main queen bed, there are two sets of USB/Power units under each of the night stands.

The room also features a split bathroom area.  One side has a toilet and bathtub combination, and the other features a beautiful glass door shower and sink.

Here is a closer look at the shower.  It features multiple shower heads, tiled floor, and a bench.  This is one of the nicest shower units I have seen.

This bathroom also features lighting built into the mirror.

The decor inside the villa is nice too.  Polynesian themed, it is simple, but works.  My favorite, of course, was the Tiki Lamp.

Can you spot the Hidden Mickey in the carpet?

The unit features a small kitchenette with a refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, and microwave.  It also holds several eating utensils in the cabinets.

We didn’t have the greatest view (unless you like looking at a parking lot), but I loved the glass marble outside our balcony which lit up at night!

But even though the room may have not had a great view, you only have to walk right down the pathway to see views like this!

Room Review

I was very impressed with the room overall.  It was spacious enough for two guests, although I’m not sure if this would be the case with up to five.   With most of the footprint of the room designated to the bathroom area/kitchenette, it limits living space.

The unit was clean and well maintained, including the towels and linens.  I slept on the pull-out couch, and it was very comfortable and well sized.

The lighting in the room is a bit dim though, and the switches for the lights are confusing at first.  The unit features no real overhead lighting, but instead relies on the lamps and bed lights.  This creates a rather dark environment if you don’t turn on all of them.  I also felt that the USB/Charging ports needed lighting as well.  They were hard to see without natural lighting.

The glass door shower was remarkable.  The other bathroom/tub looked like a standard hotel bathroom in comparison.

Storage is limited in these rooms as well.  With the limited living space, it lacks a dresser.  You do have closet space and the storage bin though (as pictured previously).

Noise levels were minimal in the room, but being next to the Transportation and Ticket Center and parking area, you can sometimes hear the hustle and bustle of traffic and the occasional blow of the ferryboats.  The noise levels didn’t distract me at all though.


As pictured previously from our balcony, the parking for these villas is right in front of the units.  This was very convenient for a short stay, as we didn’t have to carry our bags a long distance.  I enjoyed not having to park in the main Polynesian parking area.  On the flip side, if the rooms are full, this parking area is small and you will have a hard time finding a spot.

Transportation and Ticketing Center Access

One of the great things about staying in the Pago Pago building is its easy of access to the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC).   With the building being located just next to the walkway adjoining the two, this provides you with fast access to the monorails/ferryboats.

Overall, I had a wonderful stay here, and look forward to visiting again.

For more information on the Villas, visit Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

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