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Artegon Market Place Ramping-Up Movie Theater

artegon-around-osceolajpgAt one of Orlando’s non-theme park tourist attractions, Artegon Marketplace seems to be in some type of perpetual limbo between occupied and absolutely abandoned, the anchors at the mall have proven to be popular. The Bass Pro Shop there is rumored to be one of the busiest locations nationwide for the sports and hunting retailer. The new comic book
shop, Gods & Monsters, has immediately become a must see for anyone into the hugely popular geek

Now the Cinemark Theater (home of the southeastern United States only Disney Screen location) is about to undergo a massive $3 million updating. The large lobby area originally featured two concession areas. The second concession area has been closed for years and will know be removed and replaced with a new lobby seating area. The lobby located within the mall will also be updated but the majority of the reno will happen when it matters the most, the seating. The theater is home to the up charge Cinemark XD screen experience where wider, more plush seats and a larger screen enhance the movie going experience. The theater has 3 other screens with improved seating and enhanced in-theater aesthetics.

Now Cinemark is remodeling the 20 remain screens to feature the more luxurious reclining seating that includes fold out leg rests. The new luxury seating means that the screens will have fewer seats so a small price increase is likely. Currently the luxury seating screens are $1 more with the XD screen being $3.50 more than a regular ticket.

Cover photo from Orlando Weekly.

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