Universal Orlando Photo Update 2/9/18

Welcome to the February 9th edition of our endless Universal Orlando photo update series. In this post we will cover Universal Studios Florida and Universal CityWalk, with major emphasis on the new night time show being built at USF.


Starting off at CityWalk, quite a few of the billboards that line the side of the movie theater building are being replaced. A cherry picker lift is on site to do this. 

I can’t forget to mention this tree that is visible on the right hand side of the moving walkways. It’s filled with flowers! Spring is coming!

VooDoo Donut is coming along nicely.

Universal Studios Florida

Inside the studios they’re putting the finishing touches on to Fast and Furious Supercharged. Over by the first aid area I could see that Dom’s Charger is in place outside of the attraction, but unfortunately I did not take a picture of it because it is technically inside of a backstage area.

At the exit to Fast and Furious they’ve added cages around the bottom of the lighting rigs to prevent guests from climbing up them.

They have also added ropes around all of the cars:

The Fisherman’s Wharf sign has FINALLY returned after a 3 year disappearance!

The sign really adds to the area. Ties it all together.

In the New York section of the park a facade that received damage during Hurricane Irma is being repaired:

The banners located outside of Revenge of The Mummy have been replaced and look better than ever!

This support structure that holds up holiday decorations has yet to be removed from the top of the former Terminator 2:3D.

All of the fountains from Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular have been removed from the lagoon.

One of the barges is undergoing some MAJOR renovations. The theming is being stripped off of the sides, the truss that elevated the water screens has been removed, the lights have been removed, and the water pumps for the water screen have been removed.

A few fountains and mist screens have been pulled to the side of the lagoon.

In this final general overview of the lagoon you’ll see orange and white buoys floating. You’ll also see the covers that were on spotlights which were on each barge. Lastly you will notice that the other 2 barges have yet to have major renovations happen to them.

Thanks for joining us and make sure to join us next time!

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Great story Jake! I always thought Universal was a step behind Disney when it comes to night time shows like this.. Universal has so much at their disposal and funding that they could really do an amazing production at the studios. They have an incredible creative team at Universal and I know they could put together something great to rival the mouse!