Knottā€™s Berry Farm Trip Report! June 2018

We took a quick visit to Knottā€™s Berry Farm on a relatively quit June day. Overall the experience was great. We got to ride a majority of the coasters and eat some fried chicken! After entering Knottā€™s we walked straight into Ghost Town. This land is awesome. It looks just like a town straight out of the Wild West, and most of the building are actually from old desert ghost towns.

We went on our first coaster for the day in Ghost Town- Ghost Rider! Itā€™s a really fun and smooth wooden coaster with nice pops of airtime.


We then took a stroll through Ghost Town..

Ghost Town has quite a few historic and well known theme park attractions. Such as the train!

It is also home to the historic Calico Mine Ride. This is an awesome dark ride that takes you through a faux mine. The theming is great and itā€™s just an all around awesome classic attraction.

We then saw Mystery Lodge. This is a lesser known Knottā€™s attraction. Itā€™s a really cool special fx show about Native Americans. Definitely worth checking out.

Oh boy… Iron Reef. This is one of the newest attractions at the park. Itā€™s a shooting dark ride. It is what it is. Iā€™ll leave it at that…

We then took a spin on the parks newest attraction- Hang Time! It was an awesome and compact coaster!

Silver Bullet was an intense inverted coaster. Not my favorite type of ride but still enjoyable!

Then we had a dinner break.. And returned later to ride Xcelerator! This ride is an awesome launched coaster!

Checkout the lighting package on Hang Time!

We closed out the day with a show in Ghost Town! Make sure to checkout our full video of our day at Knotts.

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