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Theme Park Pet Peeves

There are so many things that annoy us with guests day to day in the theme park world.  Here are a few pet peeves that we all have encountered at some point in time!

Not Following Single Rider Signs


Single Rider lines are for SINGLE riders only. Please do not bring your entire party of 10+ into the line and expect to be seated together. Please read the signs and notice, “all parties will be split up.” Also, don’t harass the employee if they don’t let you all ride together. It is not their fault that you didn’t follow directions.

Blocking Parking/Walking the Wrong Way


When coming into a theme park parking area, please do not stop in the middle of the lane to ask an employee a question, thus holding up the whole line of cars behind you. Some of us want to park and get out of our car and have fun. Also, once parked, please walk away from the oncoming traffic. Usually this is the opposite side of the lane you drove in on. This allows oncoming traffic to easily park without waiting for your family or dodging/possibly even hitting you!

Having Issues with Electronic Lockers


Please read the directions on how to operate electronic/fingerprint capturing lockers. They are fairly simple. Please do not fiddle around with the menus while others are patiently (or in my case impatiently) waiting to get to our lockers. Please remember your locker number, or some lockers even let you choose an option that you forgot it. Also, we strongly suggest to NOT have your child give their fingerprint to capture. They often forget what finger they used. If you need assistance, please step away and get a locker attendant. Do not block others from using it while you wait.

Blocking Pathways/Attraction Entrances

Families should stay together, but please do not block entire pathways by holding hands, walking slowly, or have a group conversation that stops everyone from moving all together. People may be trying to get through, so please let us. Also, please do not block attraction entrances to talk to the employee, ask questions, or conversate with your family. If you must have a conversation at an attraction entrance, please step off to the side to allow others on the ride.



Theme park employees are not responsible for your trash. Do not leave tons of food or trash left over at park benches, common areas, etc. Contrary to popular belief, theme park employees shouldn’t have to pick up your mess. Also, others may want to use that bench and should not have to remove your left overs.

Turnstiles/Entrances Holdups

When you come to a theme park gate, please be organized and have your tickets ready to go. We should not have to wait for you to find your tickets, ask questions, or try to use invalid tickets. Also, please make sure you have the tickets that match the correct park.

Not Paying Attention to Your Surroundings

There are thousands of guests in the park with you. Please pay attention to how you walk, where you are going, and whom you may be almost running into. There are guests sharing the same pathways as you, so please be alert. Keep your eyes on the road.

Bad Parenting

Please make sure your children follow park rules. If something says “don’t climb,” don’t assume your child is special and doesn’t need to follow the rules. If your child doesn’t meet a height requirement, please don’t make your child stand on their tip toes to try to “make the mark.” If your child cannot stay with your party, please hold on to them instead of letting them run rampant through the park. Queue line chains and stanctions are also not things to jump on, play with, or tear apart.

Flash Photography

No Flash Photography

Please be respectful of others while you are on an attraction. Flash Photography is hugely frowned upon. It distracts others from the ride and ruins their experience. If you wish to take pictures, simply turn your flash off.

Smoking in Non-Designated Areas


If you are going to smoke, please smoke in designated areas only. Special Events in parks (such as concerts, after hours, etc) does not give you open access to smoke anywhere you like. Designated areas are for that purpose and are available during all operating hours of the park. Also, if you choose to sit in a smoking section, please do not harass the smokers there. You chose to sit in the smoking area, so be prepared to have smoke blown in the general area.

Lost When Exiting a Park


If you are exiting and don’t exactly know where you are heading, we suggest turning on your GPS before you exit rather than in the process of exiting onto a highway. There are lots of visitors exiting the park at one time on park closing and all of us want to get home in a timely manner. Stopping on a highway entrance or quickly turning lanes is very dangerous.

Destroying Theme Park Property


Please be respectful of theme park property. Do not touch things you shouldn’t, vandalize props/items, or fiddle with items while waiting in a queue line. We know that in queue lines especially, we all tend to get bored.  This does not give you an excuse to touch things and break them. We want to keep the parks looking nice for other visitors.

Disrespecting Employees/Performers

Theme park employees work hard to provide you with a fun and entertaining environment. Please do not harass them. Performers/Characters also don’t need to be touched or messed with. Please leave them alone and let them do their job. Don’t throw things at them, try to meddle with their costume, or act obnoxiously towards them. They don’t need the abuse.

Talking During Rides and Shows

Please be respectful of those around you. We do not want to hear your personal cell phone conversation, you yelling at your kids, or having a loud conversation all throughout the ride/show.

Annoying Tour Groups/Cheerleaders

"... Walkin' down the street We get the funniest looks from Everyone we meet..." Unfortunately, I think that Monkees Theme Song speaks to what a lot of people think about the Brazilian tour groups.  Some people think "Oh, well, that type of behavior is probably tolerated in their country.  But it's totally not appropriate here in America."  But recently, I've seen a couple of posts on forums, from a couple of Brazilians; one of which has been a part of a Disney Tour Group.  Well... any rude or line cutting behavior you may see, is definitely not acceptable in Brasil.  And since these are teenagers, with chaperones they might not know all that well; they may tend to act-up once in a while.  So in the end, it's just kids being kids.  And not all of them display bad behavior.  But since there seem to be many groups at Disney during the same timeframe, a lot of visitors probably just get overwhelmed with all of them.  And it's just too bad that they all get grouped together in the realm of public opinion. Main Street Bras....err, U.S.A. Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World, FL _____________________ The shot I really wanted here was for all of them coming at me, while I shot wide and from the hip.  But just as I tried to get into position, a few other people decided to get in the formerly empty spot.  So the group basically fanned out.  I just wanted a sea of yellow to fill the shot (so only the groups with yellow shirts would do).  At least I took this before I tried to get into the desired position.  And yes, I pretty much stalked them here.  ;)

Cheerleaders, we don’t want to see your latest performance in the middle of the park. Tour Groups, we don’t want to hear your loud chants. Enough said.

Invading Personal Space


Please respect others’ personal space. If you have a large backpack or travel gear, please be mindful of those it may hit while you are in line. You also don’t need to stand inches away from the person next to you. Please keep at a appropriate and respectful distance from others.

Blocking Guest Views

Olivia Reinoso age 5 of Camarillo sits on top of her father Marc's Reinoso's shoulders surrounded by hundreds of guests wearing the golden Mickey 50th ears as they waited on Main street for the offical birthday celebration event to begin Sunday morning July 17, 2005.

All of us want to see the same show as you. Please don’t put your children on your shoulders, mount up huge tripods, or stand on items to get a better view. Have you thought of who you might be blocking behind you?

Bad Attitude

Most importantly, avoid having a bad attitude while in the park. If you are upset by something, you are more than likely to get it resolved in a normal, calm tone instead of yelling at a Theme Park employee or another guest. Employees are more willing to help those that are calm and collected.

What annoys you most at Theme Parks? What are your pet peeves with guests? Comment below and let us know!

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