PHOTOS- Major Demolition & Expansion at Terminator 2:3-D

Over at Universal Studios Florida crews have quietly been working on gutting the former Terminator 2:3-D. This large amount of demolition comes as a big surprise for me, as I was expecting them to simply retrofit the Terminator stage for the new show attraction. You can now see through one side of the building and straight out the other. Both side walls have been removed, the whole stage has been demolished and it appears that even the theater seats have been removed. The back wall and the upper catwalks are the only visible remnants from T2. It looks as if they are expanding the theater to the sides, allowing for more stage room on the left and right sides of the audience. All of the following photos were taken from the Garden Walk guest area outside of Universal Studios Florida. Take a look at the construction yourself, click to enlarge:


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