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Top 3 Funniest Theme Park Shows

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? At theme parks in the United States there’s a handful of funny shows, but I’m going to show you the shows that are HILARIOUS! Comedy has been apart of theme parks and entertainment for many years, but some parks have really stepped up their game!


3- The Horror Make Up Show at Universal Studios Florida

The Horror Make Up Show is about 2 instructors who teach guests about Horror, and show the audience how certain horror films are made. Lots of pop culture jokes are made. You might also even hear some Disney World bashing! Although the show is funny, it’s not nearly as great as the next two shows listed below!

2- Bill & Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure at Universal a Studios Florida

During Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, a seasonal show about the famous characters Bill & Ted takes the stage! Follow Bill & Ted on their bogus adventures, they might encounter celebrities, politicians and more! If you don’t like bad words, offensive jokes, and sexy people dancing… THEN LEAVE!

1- The Hanging at Knotts Berry Farm

The hanging easily takes the cake for being the funniest theme park show. The hanging is a seasonal show at Knotts that plays during their Halloween event. The live show lampoons celebrities and persons in the news through a series of staged hangings. Much like Bill & Ted, you’ll encounter celebrities, politicians and sexy people! Unlike Bill & Ted, the Hanging uses more edgy and offensive comedy. Heck, at the Hanging they even make fun of Bill and Ted!

Honorable Mention- The Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special

After the Comedy Warehouse at Pleasure Island was closed due to the stupidity of Walt Disney World management, the cast moved to Disney’s Hollywood Studios! During the holiday season this comedy show usually takes over one of the many vacant theaters at Disney’s theme park with 5 rides. Although the comedy is not as edgy or offensive as Bill & Ted’s or the Hanging, it still is very funny. Hilarious comedians take the stage, and they sure are crowd pleasers!

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