KareKare Curl Review at Aquatica Orlando

KareKare Curl made its debut to the public this morning at Aquatica Orlando. Yesterday we had the opportunity to checkout the new attraction during a media preview for the new slide.

KareKare Curl is a fantastic addition to the park. The slide itself is beautiful, the color scheme is very pleasing to the eye and really stands out. The views from the top of the platform are unbeatable; it provides great views of neighboring SeaWorld Orlando. It’s a short ride but it packs a VERY large punch. Once exiting the station your 2 seater raft will take a turn to the right then dip down an extremely steep drop! You’ll get lots of airtime; if you’re looking to up the thrill level make sure to go down the drop facing backwards! The maximum weight limit for the raft is a combined 400 lbs, the individual maximum weight for any single guest is 250 lbs.

There are 2 downsides to the attraction. One area where this attraction is lacking is in the theming department~ it is very barebones, which is perfectly acceptable for most waterpark attractions. The second area is the fact that guests have to carry their rafts to the top of the slides platform. Besides that, KareKare Curl is a fantastic addition to Aquatica Orlando and it is definitely worth going out of your way to check out!

KareKare Curl
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