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Splendid China- Central Florida’s Eerie Abandoned Theme Park

Opening in 1993, Splendid China was one of Central Florida’s most unique attractions for international tourists to visit. The park had plenty of funding, as it was owned and operated by the People’s Republic of China. This park had no rides, the main focus of the park was to show the history and beauty of China throughout a series of small models, called “miniatures”. The Splendid China in Florida has a sister park in China, which still operates today. Sadly, Splendid China failed to make much money, and the doors of the park closed for good on December 31, 2003.

The closed park has sat abandoned since 2003. In 2013, new owners started to demolish sections of the park, but they never finished! Many remnants of the historic Splendid China theme park are still in Central Florida, check them out!

Pictured Below- The former entrance to Splendid China

Pictured Below- The old road that led to the parking lot

“Welcome To Splendid China”

Pictured Below- An abandoned building at Splendid China

Pictured Below- A bathroom rots away in a former theme park

Pictured Below- A building decays in the Florida sun

Pictured Below- Buildings being reclaimed by nature

Pictured Below- A Chinese themed building falling apart

Pictured Below- A Splendid China “miniature” rots away


Pictured Below- The Great Wall of China at Splendid China as seen in 2015


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