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Epic McDonalds Grand Opening International Drive

This past tuesday (3/15/16) the new Worlds Largest Entertainment McDonald’s opened on International Drive, replacing the former gigantic french-fry shaped McDonald’s. This new restaurant is not your ordinary McDonalds, as it is called Epic McDonald’s Orlando. The eatery still features many of the things that made the old french-fry shaped McDonalds so great, such as the retro characters, the gigantic arcade and the McBistro Gourmet menu.

When guests walk into the building they’re greeted with the Create Your Taste ordering stations and a small seating area:

On your right side is an area where they bake their fresh pizza, and create their pasta bowls.

 On the wall next to the kitchen area you might just find a little nod to the old french-fry McDonalds!

The cashier and food pick-up area:

The main dining room is on the first floor, and it is very nice and clean:


The ordering stations are all touchscreen. You can either order here or at one of the cash registers.

Moving upstairs you will find the arcade..

Upstairs is also home to a gigantic playground.

and some retro McDonalds theming!

Many of the old McDonald’s characters are featured in the building

The Grimace..

An old school neon sign, with animated fries:

Hanging from the ceiling is the one and only Mac Tonight..!

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