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Everything We Know About Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon


Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is the newest attraction at Universal Orlando Resort and it will be opening in the spring of 2017. Here are all the facts we know about this exciting new attraction!

UPDATE- Universal Orlando announced that the ride is opening on April 6th 2017.

The Building:

-Based off of NBC Studios & the 30 Rock building in NYC.
-The building and guest areas inside of are 2 stories tall, guests can go on the second floor.
-The lobby and queueing area have been made to look like the interior of 30 Rock & NBC Studios.
-The attraction will feature props and displays from the past 60 years of the Tonight Show, similar to a museum.
-Will feature an area called “Studio 6B Club” (this might be what the queuing area is called) Studio 6B Club will feature:
-Features live shows of the Ragtime Gals Barbershop Quartet.
-Learn about history of the show and show bits such as the Lip Sync Battle.
-Meet Hashtag The Panda.
-Send Jimmy Fallon style thank you notes to friends and family by using one of the interactive desks.
-Play a retro style video game called Jimmy Drive.
-Watch Tonight Show clips.

UPDATE (1/8)-The museum will be on the first floor of the building, ride loading area on second.

The Ride:

-In high definition 3D.
-While riding you will smell pizza.
-Riders will dive into the East River and get sprayed by water.
-DyMoRides Classic Flying Theatre ride system.
-72 guests per theater.
-2 theaters.
-Special appearances by Sara from “Ew”, Jimmy in “Tight Pants”, and Steve Higgins.
-The Roots band developed an original attraction soundtrack for the ride.
-You will race against Jimmy in go carts, his cart is called the “Tonight Rider”.

UPDATE (1/7)-Guests will go to the Moon while riding the attraction.

UPDATE (1/8)-Guests will board the ride on the second floor of the building.

UPDATE(1/18)-Fallon confirmed on live TV that the attraction theater will be themed and modeled after Studio 6B, where the Tonight Show is filmed.

UPDATE- The ride will use a virtual queue system with return time tickets being distributed instead of a standby line.

Ride description:

“It’s you versus Jimmy in a hilarious race that will have you zooming around familiar New York City landmarks.

You’ll speed down The Tonight Show’s hallways and through the busy streets of midtown Manhattan, rumble down into the city’s subways, soar over skyscrapers, even dive into the East River as you hurtle neck and neck towards the finish line. Find out who gets the last laugh.

Attraction Development:

-In development for more than 8 years, Fallon came up with the idea himself.
-Fallon said he was inspired by Soarin’.
-Replaced Twister…Ride It Out!
-Industrial Light & Magic and Universal Creative are making the attraction film.
-Opening in Spring of 2017.

UPDATE (1/8)-Ride will open in March or April of 2017.

The Store:

-Called the “Tonight Shop”.
-Features a gigantic neon NBC logo on the ceiling.

UPDATE (1/21)- The Tonight Shop has opened to the public.

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