Sleeping Beauty Suite at Disneyland Hotel Paris Review


I had the fantastic opportunity to spend 2 nights in the amazing Sleeping Beauty Suite at the Disneyland Hotel in Paris. The room is their “mack daddy” suite as one would say. It is located on the top floor of the Disneyland Hotel, and has a beautiful view straight down Main Street USA!

The room consists of a TV/family room that features a couch, grand piano, TV, and some other things. The second room is a dining room with a massive table. The third room is a kitchen, and the last room is a large master bedroom. Since we had more than 2 people with us, they opened the doors to an adjoining room next door to ours so they connected.


The experience was spectacular. Our visit included complimentary VIP Fastpasses (which means you get unlimited fastpasses on any of the rides with fastpass), and all of the amenities of the Castle Club level. The Castle Club has a bar with a great view, free breakfast, snacks throughout the day, and a private elevator that takes you from the club level down to the park entrance.

View from the Castle Club

My favorite aspect of the room was the dining room. Room service set up any food you ordered on the table. It was amazing eating with this view!

The Sleeping Beauty Suite has been stayed in my numerous celebrities. One frequent visitor was the late Michael Jackson. We were told by the hotel staff that the bottom of the piano was signed by Michael Jackson himself! This is what we found.. Not sure if it is his signature or not, but it does look like it!

The room provides fantastic views of the night time shows that are put on at Disneyland Parc!

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