Shallow Grave: The Final Bow

One of my favorite haunts in Central Florida, hands down, is The Shallow Grave in Winter Haven.  This year, they take their final bow.

As in previous years, the event hosts two very large Haunted Houses.  For 2017, they feature a new house, Betrayal, as well as a Pavor Nocturnus, a returning favorite.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous review of this event, both houses are extremely immersive and use a variety of special effects and animatronics. They literally rival those at Halloween Horror Nights as far as detail and theming.  This year, I found even more detail and greater use of timed/triggered scares with these special effects.  It is quite impressive for a local haunt!

The scareactors in the houses are what truly makes them shine though.  They don’t have boundaries and will definitely get in your face, or even touch you (yes, they are allowed to touch you at this event)! They may stalk you from behind, reach out and touch or your shoulder, or even more!

The haunt experience is also enhanced by the small groups they let in - only small parties up to six people at a time.  You won’t experience the “conga lines” from other larger events here, and that makes a world of difference with the scares.  Flow through in small groups guarantees a very intimate experience in these houses.

My favorite of the night was Pavor Nocturnus, a twisted spin on some phobias.  I have never felt my heart race this much in any haunt before.  It was purely demented and disorientating.  Be prepared for the ending (just warning you)!

In addition, outside the houses, they feature some top notch street entertainment with a variety of spooky characters.  These characters don’t just roam the street, they are extremely interactive with the guests. They will hold conversations, roam the queue, or even chase after you! They never once break character, and they are extremely passionate about their performances.  Definitely one of the many highlights of the event for me.

If you’re hungry, there are a variety of small snack stands outside as well.  Try the snowballs from Pelican’s Snoballs - they are delicious! We’ve made it a tradition to grab one on each of our visits.  In addition, there are a few “photo-op” setups outside, like the one pictured below.

You have until November 4th, 2017 to check out The Shallow Grave in their final year.  We strongly recommend you experience one of THE BEST haunt events in Central Florida.  You won’t be disappointed.  These guys do a phenomenal job, full of passion and energy in all that they do.

Thanks to The Shallow Grave for an amazing run!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit:

My previous review of The Shallow Grave can be found here:

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Its latterly too horrible. When someone in them comes suddenly in front of anybody.