Trip Report- Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney Studios Parc in Paris is generally considered to be one of the worst Disney Parks on Earth. It has some nice attractions, and a few nicely themed areas; but overall the park is cheaply themed to look like a movie studio, but it actually looks like a giant parking lot. We still had a fun time at the park though!

The park has an old school Disney-MGM Studios feel to it. When you walk up to the park, you are immediately greeted by the Earffel Tower. Once you enter the park gates you find yourself located in a beautiful courtyard, and to proceed further into the park you have to walk into Studio 1.

Studio 1 is basically an indoor version of a “Main Street”, except this is themed to look like the inside of a sound stage at a movie studio.

Once you exit Studio 1 you’ll be greeted by a very pretty Hollywood Boulevard. But upon closer inspection you’ll realize that the whole street is actually made out of plywood cutouts instead of real facades. Pretty interesting, it’s like a bigger take on Universal Studios Florida’s New York skyline.

The first attraction we went on was Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Avec Aerosmith. This ride featured the same track layout as the Orlando version but followed a different storyline. Here, instead of riding to a concert, you’re filming a music video for Aerosmith. The ride features lots of crazy lighting and studio theming, unlike how in Orlando we have cutout of iconic Hollywood landmarks.

After that we saw the Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show, which we previously had in Orlando under the name Lights! Motors! Action! The Paris version of the show seemed smaller than the Orlando one, but maybe it was just me. It was also very difficult to follow as someone who doesn’t speak French.

At Disneyland Paris, most of the attractions and shows follow a format where they have one narrator/character speaking English, and another narrator speaking French. This is usually helpful at the prerecorded attractions, but at the live shows it was hard to understand some of the broken English that was being spoken. Perfectly okay though- I like to feel like I’m not in America when I’m traveling overseas.

Following the stunt show we walked over to the Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic. This ride made Orlando’s former tram tour look like a stellar e-ticket attraction. Most of the ride is just passing by cut down trees. You eventually see some scattered movie props, a set from the smash hit movie “Dinotopia” and get to experience Catastrophe Canyon. The ride also features a London themed set that has a flame jet. The highlight of the ride was seeing the hovercraft from Epcot’s closed Horizons attraction!

After the tram tour we went on Tower of Terror. The ride was a clone of the now closed California Adventure tower. The ride op’s here have the option to change the language between English and French, so we got to ride with both languages!

We then walked over to the parks newest ride, Ratatouille! It’s a trackless dark ride that uses physical sets and screens. It is also in the best themed area in the park, a little Paris mini-land. I personally thought that the ride was very overrated and not that good. It has awkward pacing and no motion bases, although a good portion of the ride is screen based.

The park has Toy Story Playland. It isn’t anything too special. Following the Rat ride we walked over to Toon Studio and went on Crush’s Coaster. This was a very fun spinning coaster! The interior dark ride portions were nothing to write home about but overall it was a very fun ride!

We then closed out the day by going on the Armageddon Special Effects Show, which is a show that is similar to the old Twister attraction at Universal. It is basically a smaller and more up close version of Twister. The fire gets pretty close to the guests, it was actually pretty exciting (excluding the 2 pre-shows that I couldn’t understand).

Overall Walt Disney Studios was a small and fun park. You can see my video on my days at the park below:

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