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Universal Orlando Photo Update 1/1/16

Welcome to our first photo update of 2016! We briefly stopped posting photo updates on our website over the past month or 2, and have just been posting on twitter.. but we’re back!

Lets start off at Islands Of Adventure. They recently finished refurbishing the lighthouse and many of the Port of Entry facades.

Work continues on the refurbishment of the Incredible Hulk Coaster

Concrete removed from the footers but the rebar is still in place.

The smashed concrete from the old footers-

Moving on, here’s Skull Island: Reign Of Kong

Blue primer has been put on the king-

From Camp Jurassic..

Another shot from Camp Jurassic

Looking towards Thunder Falls

Moving over to the studios, work continues on the former Nickelodeon gift shop

Some of the windows at Twister have lost their blinds, therefor you can see straight through the facades

Christmas in New York!

Because the Twister restrooms have been demolished, bathrooms in the sound stages have been opened up to the public.

Walk way to the soundstage bathrooms-

Twister construction is visible from the sound stage restrooms-

New Butterbeer potted cream is now being sold in Potter lands

The cream-

We found the animatronic squirrel in the USF Christmas tree!

Straight Outta Food Truck has moved to the outside of the Transformers extended queue

That’s all for todays Universal Orlando Update.

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