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Sea World Orlando Mako Review

Orlando’s newest roller coaster, Mako soft opened today at Sea World Orlando. The attraction is a 200 foot tall blue and purple B&M Hyper Coaster that reaches a top speed of 73 miles per hour. Construction started on Mako in May 2015, and it opened to its first public riders on June 2nd, 2016. Let’s first start off with the queue- It is pretty basic compared to the newer queues found at Universal and Disney, but it gets the job done. The theme of the queue is that you’re under a dock, and that’s about it. It is pretty well done except for a few un-themed speakers and lights. Next up is the station, the exterior of it is themed to a ship wreck, and the interior of the station is pretty basic. One highlight of the station is on the ceiling there are swimming sharks (using a realistic looking screen), and when the train pulls out of the station the sharks follow it. The ride itself is LOADS of fun! You board a comfortable blue train that features clamshell restraints which don’t go over your shoulders, only over your lap. The train pulls out of the station and goes up the lift hill. One interesting aspect about the lift is that it features a soundtrack piped in by speakers that are to the right side of the train. The real fun begins when you get to the top of the lift. Down the first drop you go.. AIRTIME! This ride isn’t like your typical B&M Hyper with basic “floater” airtime, if you get your restraint in the right spot and keep it from stapling down on you during the ride, you will get some serious air on those hills. Overall, Mako is a fantastic addition to the Orlando coaster line-up.

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