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Possible Expansion Pads at Universal Studios Florida

The future and growth of Universal Orlando is one of the biggest topics of discussion in the current day theme park community. In this blog post we will take a look at 5 possible locations for expansion at Universal Studios Florida that do not require replacing any attractions. Some of these locations are quite obvious, and others are not. Remember, none of this is based off of any inside information, it’s all pure guesses. Let’s start off with the most well-known expansion pad at the Studios…

Behind Men in Black

The first area we will be talking about is the expansion pad behind Men in Black: Alien Attack. This land is currently used as the Universal bone yard, parade float storage, Horror Nights houses and more. This is the largest expansion pad at USF, encompassing at least 8 acres.

Sound Stage 33

Sound Stage 33 is located in the New York section of Universal Studios Florida and is used for special events. The building could easily be rebuilt elsewhere, and the .7(ish) acres it takes up could be used for an attraction, such as the Secret Life Of Pets.

Cafe La Bamba & NBC Media Center

This location is around .8 acres in total area. It is located inside the Hollywood section of the park, and it even has some room to expand backwards if they want to make that .8 acres even bigger.

Louie’s Italian Restaurant & First Aid

 This location in the New York section of the park is around 1.4 acres. It could hold a decent sized dark ride or show.

Monsters Cafe

The last location we will be looking at is fairly unlikely, but the Monsters Cafe could possibly be used for a future attraction, new restaurant or show. The lot is around the same size as Minion Mayhem.


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