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Wet n’ Wild Orlando Testing A New Virtual Queue System

Wet n’ Wild Orlando, the waterpark operated by Universal Orlando Resort, has recently started testing a new virtual queueing system. It is rumored that this new system will be implemented at Universal’s Volcano Bay waterpark when it opens to the public in 2017. The goal of the system is to eliminate all standby queue’s at the park. When guests enter into the park, they are given a blue wristband.

A sign then describes the system to guests as they enter the water park. It is fairly basic and easy to understand.

If you want to go on an attraction, walk up to the entrance of it and you will find a return time station:

If you walk up to one of the small, grey screens, you will see a wait time such as “5 minutes” being displayed on the monitor. If you tap your band on the blue circle below the screen, the system will give you a time to return to the ride’s entrance 5 minutes after the band was tapped. For example, if the screen says “15 minute wait” and it is currently 5:00pm, if you tap your band you will be instructed to return to the ride at 5:15pm and you will be able to ride the ride without waiting at all (in theory).

When you return to the attraction entrance at the time given to you by the computer, a team member will scan your band to verify that it your time to ride. After your band is scanned you can proceed through the queue of the ride.

As of now, from what we understand, if you have an express pass you are still supposed to scan your blue wrist band and receive a return time; but you do not need to wait for your given return time, just simply proceed to the ride’s entrance. Keep in mind, you can only be waiting in one virtual queue at a time. Say ride A has a 45 minute wait, and ride B has a 5 minute wait. If you scan you band at ride A at 3:00, you cannot scan your band at ride B until after 3:45. All the major attractions have this system in use. While you are waiting for rides feel free to go into the wave pool, lazy river, or explore Blastaway Beach.



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