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Review: Mama’s Meatball Pretzel at Sea World Orlando

One of the my personal favorite things about visiting the Orlando theme parks is the wide variety of foods to eat. I always enjoy finding a cool, unusual, and quirky snack or meal to eat. While I was at Sea World, I took a trip to Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen. My friends from Pixels At The Parks suggested that I try the meatball pretzel, it did not disappoint!

The pretzel’s official name is “Mama’s Meatball Pretzel” and it’s only found at Mama’s Pretzel Kitchen which is located next to Shamu’s Happy Harbor. The snack is around a foot long, and consists of 3 meatballs with the pretzel wrapped around it; it is gigantic and is served with crispy homemade potato chips.

Taste wise, the pretzel is very hit or miss. It is a hit if you get a pretzel that was freshly made and straight out of the oven… It’s a miss if the pretzel has been sitting on the serving rack for awhile. The one I ate was fresh, warm and crispy. It is for sure one of the best and most unique pretzels that you will find in a Orlando theme park. I highly suggest checking it out next time you visit Sea World.

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